Discuss your braces ( if you have them) here. I have them and there a ******* pain in the a**.But write now, i have rainbow in them. kinda like that.

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I have braces... not that much of a big deal it just hurts from time to time... Mine are blue
I have had mine for around 15 months.. I think this is my last (hopefully!) It makes eating food suck.

Mine Arh Bluez
Mine are black.
They're kinda messed up,
but we moved before I could get an appointment there.
My teeth were never that bad anyway,
so I'm hoping to just get them taken off and go on with the process after that.
I'm happy, I don't have braces. We should have a poll in this here thread Y'know.
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I have clear braces, and they're not coming off until 11th grade (2010-2011).
I have had them for 3 years no.

I still don't have them off goddammit.

Anyway, I forgot what color mine are.
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I have perfect teeth.
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I had mine for two years, although thankfully I've had them off for two and half years now. They were usually pink.
I'm getting mine off in a few months. Mine are white. And I speak for all of us that it hurts like hell both physically and emotionally. I'll see you soon Jawbreakers
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My friend got them off this Monday. She'd had them since I knew her.

She looks better now.

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When I had braces, I just had them gray. Never saw the appeal of having colorful braces. I have them off now, so it's pretty sweet.

^I do the same thing, grey ftw
Oh and ive had mine for 2 years and a few months and they're coming off prolly in march
i've had them for 3 years, but i'll be getting them off soon

they havent even really hurt for the longest time now, so thats good. i keep mine black, but they were blue during the 2007 mlb post-season. GO CUBBIES
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Just got mine off 3 days ago, had them for 2 years. I'm pretty damn happy!
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I honestly do not mind having them, its just a couple days ago I was told I have to start wearing a rubber band on the right side...

My colors are blue and yellow like Sonic and Tails >_>

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I had braces from grade 4-8, it wasn't bad, the only things that really bothered me were the food always stuck in the braces and when I got the elastics on the side.