Okay, so while browsing bakatronics to find a small case for a removable killswitch (I know, how original), I came across this little item:
Recording thingy

Now I was wondering, would it be possible to open the casing, replace the microphone input with a 3.5mm input, and replace the speaker with a 1/4 inch output. Then make the controls into a stompbox form, with a 3.5mm double ended lead running from my effects phone output into what was the microphone input.

Then Join the output of this with my effects output so it all joins up using one of these:

I know that this is a signal splitter, but lets just pretend that the side with two jacks are inputs, and the other side is outputs.
This would mean that:
1) Headphones output from effects ---> microphone input ---> signal joiner (don't even know if such a thing exists!).
2)Effects output ---> signal joiner
Signal joiner (with two signals)---> amp

If I'm not making sense, just tell me. Or if you need more information, just ask.

Thanks in advance
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I think you're better off buying a real looper. The audio response of that little toy is probably pretty poor, so the looping would end up sounding real bad. Boss makes a couple of nice loopers and they also make some nice A/B/Y switch.


The other problem that just occured to me, is that the output of the "looper" is a huge impedance mismatch from that of your amp - and it's also at audio output levels, instead of being at line level. In other words, it's designed to drive a speaker, whereas a normal looper is not. Feeding too high of an input level into the amp could cause some problems - expensive problems.
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