first thread here. here's a song i've been working on, comments suggestions are welcome. hope you'll enjoy it on my profile.
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The song on your profile is called spaced in, so I'm listening to that.

Well, this wasn't what I expected. Pretty cool mix of dance and guitar. The sounds are all different to one another, which is cool. Some are clean, some are dirty, some are wacky. It's nice. I particularly like the whistly-sounding synth in the breakdown thing where the beat changes (which is a cool outro).
thanks for the comment. check out the new tune on my profile: S. and drop us a little line please.
Spaced in was pretty cool. I really liked the drums, and the mixing of electronic sounds w/ guitar. It was pretty well done.

S I liked better. It has a chill sort of island vibe, and the guitar and piano do a bit more improv, which I enjoyed. The bass really brings in a nice mellow groove to this track. Keep it up!
I personally like Spaced In, it has a really nice tone and overall feel to it, and I usually prefer more upbeat songs. S was good but got repetitive.