Made this for the met-covers contest. Figured I'd post it here in case anyone else wanted to listen (I'm new to the forums so if that's against the rules I'm sorry. I looked in the appropriate threads to see if it was mentioned but I couldn't find anything. Just let me know and I'll take it down or mods will take it down or whatever happens in such a situation.).

Anyway. Few changes from the original version. Most notably the entire solo section is different. I really tried to make the vocals fit better than they did in my previous Megadeth cover. I think I got a little closer this time.

Edit: Now that I know what it means... C4C.

The song is in the player on that page.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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Hi! Thanks for critting!

First of all, I don't know the original, so I'm going to crit out of the the instrumental work. I really liked the guitar tone, the drums were good, I have nothing bad to say about the instrumental work at all... Except maybe the excessive wah in the solo section, but that's probably also in the original.

The vocals, though, I didn't really like. They were harsh, but not very powerful, which made it sound a little odd. They're not bad, though, but not great either. They didn't do the awesomeness of the guitar justice, IMO!

Overall, it was a great cover, though! Cheers man!
Really good job on the cover mate. I think I'd have the same to say about the vocals as ZeGuitarist did. It might make them more powerful if they were mixed a little lower (seems liek a contradiction in terms I know, but they wouldn't stand out too much)

Crit my Sylosis cover if you could please? Link to the thread in my sig
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