hey guys
i have an ibanez rg370dx and i am installing emg 81/85 and a single coil. it has 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 5 way selector. is there a wiring diagram for a HSH style guitar. i looked it up on the emg website but it wasnt really helpful. any ideas on how i can do this. im new with this stuff

thanks in advance
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yea support for emg? lol i called n they lady didnt know wat i was talking about
Dude, click the 2nd link under the Wiring & Installation heading on the left.

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You cant hook up passive pups with active pups.

Well, you can but you need separate controls for the passive pick up.

Anyways, let this thread die, there are threads for wiring set ups.
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because the stock pickup dont give me the sound that i want and i dont always use my line 6 tube

How do you know its the pickups? Pickups are a small part of your tone - even smaller when you use excessive gain. You're using a modeling amp - you have thousands of tones at your disposal. Use them. If you're not using a tube amp, btw, EMGs don't do crap for you - they're designed to drive a tube amp hard...won't do much on your Crate.
Wiring EMGs in HSH isnt any different than wiring passives in HSH. The only difference in wiring is the battery which wont affect the switch or pickup wiring and the stereo jack which again has no effect on the switch. You will hate having it wired with the passive in the middle. The only usable positions you will have are the bridge and neck positions the 3 in the middle will sound bad. Leave the middle pickup if you dont want he empty hole but connect it where the bridge pickup is and connect the bridge where the middle one goes. The passive one will still sond bad due to the 25k pots, but the neck and bridge will work right.