I recently purchased a 30w Peavey Vypyr. Can I record directly to the computer without a pod or am I out of luck? I have reaper and my computer has a built in microphone. The amp has a jack that says recording out. Any help is appreciated!
You would be best getting a USB or firewire interface and a mic, but you could probably get away with just pluging the recording out into a USB interface and recording that way.

The problem is that most computers have crappy soundcards so if you plug straight from your amp into them, you will get a terrible sound, but with an interface like, say, an M-Audio Fast track USB, you will get a much better quality sound.
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The problem is the 30w doesn't have a USB interface built in. Just two headphone jacks. One labeled AUX Input for backtracks and the other headphone in/record out

Thanks again for the help.