Hello UGers! I just recently started a band with a few friends of mine. We started creating original work and starting up on demos. Well we need a bassist and maybe another guitarist. We need someone with a good mind and good will. Our vocalist is influenced by Bloc Party, the Cure, and the Strokes. Our guitarist is heavily influenced by The Strokes. Lastly our drummer is an all around drummer with good experience. We are seeking anyone who can fit our spot. We have our own rehearsal space in Brooklyn. Just give me a PM or message me on AIM at ninjahray. Hope I'll be hearing from someone soon. Thanks!
well if i lived i n nyc i would... i play guitar, i like bloc party, coldplaythe cure, AND I LOVE THE STROKES. too bad i dont live there...
I live near NY (Bergen County in NJ), and I would fill in the position, however, I'm not sure if I should.

1. You already have a guitarist
2. I'm not interested in the same stuff as you.
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