So, I just thought of this situation. Say, for whatever reason, you have to choose between saving the life of a pet, such as a dog, that you've known and loved for years and have grown extremely attached to, or a random stranger. Which would you choose? Is there a right or wrong answer? Is human life always more valuable than an animal's life, even in a situation like this?
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My dog would kill the stranger.

How often does this situation ever come up??

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I'd let the stranger die and pretend he was a serial killer anyways.
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Poll? The pet.
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The pet
But not because human life is more valuable than animal life(I don't think it is). Just because the stranger is unknown and therefore a more attractive answer.

It's like if someone offered you a boat or a mystery box, the boat's a boat but the mystery box could be anything... even a boat!

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meh, I save my pet, I am very attached to my pets. I'd do my best to save both, but with how ****ty everything in the world is right now, and how humans manage to **** everything up, I have a grudge against us humans. And no I am not some liberal vegetarian atheist. And besides, the stranger is human, so they have a better chance and ability to save themselves, a pet, like a dog, is fairly helpless.
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I would not be able to make such a decision, i would jouney the ends of the earth to find a way in which i could save both.

You'd make a wonderful anime character.

I'd save my pet.

It's a fookin animal...


By the way...I mean I'd let the animal die...
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I would save the stranger.

The life of a human being is much more valuable than that of an animal.

I'm sorry, but I can't see how anyone could choose an animal over a fellow human being.
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Because if I don't know him/her.. then there's a high chance I wouldn't like him/her.. not really but i'd just think that.
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I swear I had this idea before and almost made a thread about it! Instead I made a thread about a girl being raped and a dog being tortured and killed, and you voted on either the rapist or the dog torturer to be punished if you could only punish one.

Were no better than any other animal. Just cause we have technology and thumbs doesn't mean anything. The only thing is when dogs are strays and they get put in a help center they get killed after 7 days. When homeless people go to places they get to leave by themselves. How fair is that.
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kill the pet. Ive lost easily a dozen pets so it doesnt really hit me that bad anymore.
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Never had a pet I was that attached to, apart from one of my hamsters because it was the most awesome hamster ever.

I stand by what I've said before though that I'd rather see a few humans die than have another species of animal wiped out forever.
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Wwaaaahhhhhhh don't take my dog!

The stranger probably.

And I dunno.. like, I'm a Christian, but I do in fact believe that animals have souls unlike some Christian beliefs... soooo I think both lives have value...

EDIT: Actually, reading over the above poster's comment, I would probably choose my dog, because of the pain that so many other people would have to endure if their loved one died.

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Person. I don't know them I don't care about them, they won't be missed.
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This reminds me of that short film with the dude who if he presses the button, someone will die, but he gets $1 mil, or he could just walk away and nothing would seem like it ever happened... Anyone got that YouTube link?
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the pet, i couldn't give two ****s about most people
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