I have only been playing serious for about a year and half, and typically I'll play for an hour or two at a time. Recently though, I have started jamming together with some buddies and the times playing are growing. This is nothing compared to some of you I'm sure, but today was a day off work and I played guitar for about 8 hours total. 3 hours in the morning with one buddy playing a lot of blues, and 5 hours later at someone elses place playing all kinds of stuff.

So, the question: What's your biggest marathon? Anyone played for some ridiculous percentage of time over a given day/days? Let's hear it!
4hours maybe?
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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The longest I've played straight is probably 5 hours during the summer of '07, when I was just learning and I was OBSSESSED with learning everything I could possible learn.

Of straight jammin? Probably an hour.
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About two hours straight. Just finished an hour ago.
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one time i set my Ihome on the "backing tracks" playlist on my ipod on shuffle and just played it for a few hours.

some of the backnig tracks were actual songs, while others were just a drumming beat. still fun to do if you have alot of them.
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about 5 hours, my fingers cryed all night and most of the next day.
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4 hours,
thats no talking, no stopping, just
me, another guitarrist, a drummer and a bassist going off each other
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^that sounds like a lot of fun, i get hungry easily so i would just stop for about five min. snack, comeback to find the bass and drums still carrying on.
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do not go on guitar forums

there are drugs there

( and ololol there are )
it was
til my damn amp cut out
occasionally somebody'd drop out and drink something
I tried to one hand tap while drinking water,
I got soaked
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be the music, not the scene
haha that sounds like a bitch. im deffinately trying this sometime.
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do not go on guitar forums

there are drugs there

( and ololol there are )
I'd encourage it,
I'm doing it again this weekend
It's cool when everybody gets in sync
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Dunno, most Sundays I get a long time in on playing guitar.

Starts out with about 45 minutes at church, go home, band practice for a few hours, they leave, continue playing for another few hours.

The longest single jam session though, uhm...maybe 2 hours at the most.
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Well I play every day and I started learning a bunch of new stuff and I couldn't put the guitar down. There were a couple days I played 9 and 10 hours strait. I would not recommend this I started getting bad pain in my fretting hand and had to lay off. Ya right I did take a week off but I just cant put it down I try to limit my time now and take breaks. If I get any bad pains I will stop playing for a while and heal up. Ten years ago I had severe carpal tunnel in both hands from work I had surgery and it fixed it. But I'm always worried now of having problems. Which I started having now but I think if I do play in a sensible manner I can heal up and get through it.
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Longest I ever played was about 12 hours but im not doing it again because my fret hand really hurt afterwards.
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i've played a lot of hours in a day many times, but like, continuous playing, sometimes i have some 20-30 minute jams with my band, always the exact same chord progression, but we make it go from funk, to blues... to anything you can think of
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i play straight up 15 hours a day

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Once I played for about 6, almost 7 hours without nearly any brake. Drummers and bassists were coming and going, but I kept staying on guitar :p I was dead tired when it was all over.
I've jammed with me, a bassist, drummer and 2 other guitarists for about 4 hours..

Just bluesed it up, so much fun!
Exhausting though xD
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I seriously feel like im on drugs or something.
I pace back and forwarth in my room just playing a bunch of experimental things.

I think i spent more time twidling knobs on my delay and such than i did hiting notes.
If anyone else does stuff like this please add me .

But yeah id say 2ish hours straight.
Once i get a looper pedal ill never leave my god damn room.
My friend Paul and I set up a backing track of drums and bass and traded off riffing and soloing for 56 minutes straight. Unfortunately, only the latter 35 or so minutes were recorded.
if band practice counts, 9 hours, with a 45 min food break thrown in.
Over Christmas break me and the other guitarist in my band got together, and had an 8 hour jam session with some food, water, and bathroom breaks thrown in. We were just jamming and writing new songs for our band.

I love jamming, I just f***ing love music!!!!!!!!!!
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