Im just starting to learn scales now. I know there is the lessons for scales on this website but thats not what Im asking for now. I want to know what are the essential scales that I need to know and how to practice them to a metronome like do I use triplets, sixteenth notes, etc... counting at all? Also how can this benefit me when I learn songs such as learning riffs and solos?

Thanks everyone for their input.
Use whatever speed your comfortable with, and gradually speed up. It improves your technique and so on. I don't use scales, only knowing two that I'm not sure of and E minor.

Depending on what you play can determine the scales. You should probably learn E minor, A minor, and whatever else people here tell you. Learn them all .
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learn the major, minor, pentatonic, and blues scales. those will probably be the most used. start pretty slow with quarter or eighth notes, once you can play through them steadily move on to sixteenth and triplets, and remember speed does not mean skill, be proficient and be able to articulate each note before trying to go fast, it wont happen over night either, patience and persistance always pays off.

edit: also learn them in different positions around the neck, in different key's etc. and to answer your question, yes using scales can help with creating riff's, and they're always great to base your improvisations on.
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