I'm a big fan of The Manchurian Candidate, Dr. Strangelove, and Reefer Madness.

The real reason I ask is because I've been on downloading streak lately, and just wanted to know any few gems that the pit might know.
time machine. Inadvertently, I had created a

I want to work in revelations, not just spin silly tales for money.I want to fish as deep down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are the same that far down.
Citizen Kane or the Maltese Falcon
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i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
Young Frankenstein
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M. Night Shyamallama