I'm working on Shy Boy and I every time I get to the tapping section I can never get my bass to produce a decent sound. For those of you who don't know it's almost all the way up the fretboard.

How can I change my settings so when I tap it actually makes audible sounds instead of the sound just dying out?
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turn your amp ump a lot and have you volume knob(s) on your bass turned down a lot. when you get to the solo just turn the knobs up and try to atleast tap a little harder. a
i find turning up the high mids helps
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if you can't sustain a note while you're tapping, then it's definitely your technique that comes first in making it sound better.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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it's super unneffective!
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i find turning up the high mids helps

Honestly, I find that the answer to most of my tonal needs

I think it is due to 'them' being the most easily detectable of the frequencies
(whatever 'high mids' are)
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A touch of compression.
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~ I think It's a problem with your technique, rather than your sound, no offense meant

normally I go for a more trebly sound than normal, but not so much that you can hear noises like fret buzz and strings scraping. but as long as your normal tone isn't pure mud you should be able to get tappz to sound with it.

I love lashing on the effects too - a bit of phaser/flanger - WOOOSH! mmmm.
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