So i have been trying to install a maybe not-so-legal copy of EZdrummer Drumkit from Hell (which is in the form of a PowerISO file),
but upon running the installer (this one is in the form of a .msi file) it attempts to install for a split second
but then is interupted as an annoying message pops up and says "EZdrummer needs to be installed first"

what the hell...

then an installer window comes up telling me that the wizard was interupted
and the only option is to close out.
oh they joys of installing ezdrummer!

get an air rip they are the best...you need to get the registration code, then go into the 'use an existing code' or something then press backspace and type in the code or something btw.

sup drummer was much easier
Check your torrent's comments section, I'm sure other people had similar problems.
looks like i made the mistake of forgetting to install the actual ezdrummer program
and went straight for the expansion i had heard about

anyways, all is not yet well
i downoaded another torrent, and ran the installer
it went well, but when i went to look for the program on my computer it wasn't there
i searched around for a while, but there just doesn't seem to be any such program on there
and yet when i ran the installer again it gave me the options of uninstalling or reinstalling EZdrummer