My band is beginning to write our own songs. When the band is together, how do we go about writing a song? do we start with a guitar riff then build off of that? should i have some lyrics written to add in to the music?
All help appreciated
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Have the drummer start off with a solid beat, then either I start jamming on a bassline until it sounds good or the guitarist will jam a riff until it's good, sometimes we switch roles where I play guitar and she plays bass. The drum beat is what really keeps me going. Use theory if you know it as it will make your life easier.
The way I've kind of learned to do it is... One of the band members come up with a cool riff or beat, of some sort, (depending on the instrument). Then everybody just kind of feels it out, and trys to improvise over that. For the lyrics part, you could either try writing it together, or if somebody is exceptionally talented in writing, then let them come up with something on their own.

I wish you the best of luck.
Mike's method for making mostly modest musical music:
Write a singing melody (with lyrics)
Write a guitar part
Have the bass/drums follow the guitar
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Hi, I'm having the same problem, I've got some lyrics I wrote down which I'm quite proud of but I can't put a rhythm to them or a guitar part here are the lyrics
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^ Post it in the Songwriting and Lyrics section of this forum.

@ TS: what I do in any band I'm in is that one of us will have a nice little riff (whether it be a drum beat, a bassline, or a guitar melody) and bring it to the practice. Then, we will spend the practice playing songs we already know or have written to warm up, and then spend the rest trying to work something around it.
Everyone approaches it differently. I personally have a very hard time starting with music or starting with pre-written lyrics.

I start with a melody... even just a lyrical phrase that goes along with a simple melodic phrase, and just start spinning from there.

I'll add basic guitar chords as I go to support the melody until my song is, in effect, done. From there, I might change the chord progression to a riff of some sort (ie. swapping out a couple of bars of a basic A chord with a riff to make it more interesting... if it will benefit the song in the context that I want to put it in.

From there, bass and drums generally start to suggest themselves.

That said, I have started songs from a bass line, and I *have* started with nearly finished music and added vocals on top. Generally, the above process is what works best for me.


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Yeah, everyone has a different method for songwriting. It just a case of finding out what works with you and going with that. Just try writing some lyrics or a riff on an instrument and go from there, just whatever you find easiest..

I personally write some lyrics down first, and then come up with a basic progression for them lyrics. Then I can work on that progression and create riffs to make it more interesting. The bass and drums then get aded to compliment what I have written.
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