So recently, I've really gotten into recording. But all I can get down are the guitar and vocals, and I really need a bass so "up" the sound. But right now, I can't afford a bass and a bass amp, and if I get one of those starter kits, I'll probably regret it later on.

So is there anything that I can do to get a bass sound with my guitar and amp. Any pedals or anything?

like wouldnt something like the boss octave pedal work?

and if i were to get a bass
would those $200 ones be good enough?

or should i save up for a decent one.

thanks xD
well a Bass guitar for $200 is entry level so I would save up just a bit more unless you buy a used one off craigslist or something. Problem is you shouldn't plug a Bass into a guitar amp. Speakers are not made to handle those low frequencies. So, you'd have to buy a Bass amp.

Conversely, you can play a guitar thru most bass amps, so you could swap your rig around although that would be the last resort imo.

Are you wanting to play the Bass parts I take it? Yes an octive pedal would work if you are going to work out the Bass lines on your guitar seperately and mix in later. I was going to recommend that earlier but wanted to understand better what you are wanting to do.

Playing guitar once and expecting the octive pedal to give you all the Bass sounds you want doesn't sound healthy to me. I'm not a recording expert, bass amp expert or a Bass player.

so.....that's all I got.
Bass is one instrument you can happily record direct. You will need to put on compression post recording to remove any booms but the sound is far better than you can ever get with direct guitar.
So like I can just plug the bass straight into the interface and record it?

But then if guitar amp's can't handle the bass's frequencies, how will a tiny computer speaker handle it
You're not playing into the computer speakers. You're playing into the computer input. If you've got any sound card manufactured within the last couple of years, it'll be fine.
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