My band is called GOREBRINGER
We are a death/black metal fusion band and need something really brutal in red, black or white.
If anyone could help thanks
Try looking for an artists forum somewhere. Maybe hire someone, or get a friend that can draw.
theres a thread for this somewhere, I got a logo off this site. PM guitarheroII, he got mine. Your lucky I dont know how to report threads lol.

EDIT: here ya go https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=986800
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That's not much of a brief. "Brutal in Red Black or White". What does "brutal" mean to you? What do you envisage?

There are some good vector's you can buy here that might help achieve what you're looking for.

I know a guy whose last name is Gorelick. Pretty metal last name imo.

Anyways, you've got your thread in PYB, so...

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