who here has em?

i know i do. been working like hell for about 2 weeks, push ups and regular cardio.

Tell me your workout
What do you want from us, our wok out regime, or our ownership of man boobs? You are asking for far too much, TS.
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What do you want from us, our wok out regime, or our ownership of man boobs? You are asking for far too much, TS.

sorry , what ever u want to say, this is an open forum as long as it regards either man boobs or carido
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A little bit.
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I love my moobs. They're not that big though. Damn me losing weight.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Oh man don't even talk to me about manboobs. Mine are awful! Pffft!

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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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Asian genetics for the.....atomic bomb!

I find that offensive, I'm currently on a trip in Japan and.... oh shit, Godzilla!

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No, I have girl boobs.

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I have tiny ones. But I've lost alot of weight so they're not so bad. Also russian kettlebells FTW
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I masturbate every day. Switching arms every day helps me get rid of my manboobies. However I feel really gay with my right hand...
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The only exercise I do is lifting my Quarter Pounder with cheese thank you very much.

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I've got em. No workout regime. That's why I have them.
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You're supposed to masturbate with your left hand, right?
i don't have moobs. i have pecks. which resemble moobs.
i've t3h m00bz
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Trust me, it took me a year and half to get rid of mine, and it takes more than regular cardio and pushups. Don't do the same thing everyday because it won't get rid of them completely because you will just plateau. Mix it up a little bit and keep your body guessing so it never plateaus and just keeps burning fat.

ie. Do a lot of different cardio like swimming and chest strengthening exercises.
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