i've got my camera set up in 2 different positions. but which sounds better? i kind of can't tell.
can you give me a description of the tonal differences, so i know what to listen for when i make adjustments?
like, is that a "bright" or "dark" sound as compared to etc. etc
or it has a loose bass, or tight bass sound. or if its scooped

thanks for your help

btw, i'm doing this as a tone test, so i'm not playing anything but random stuff to demostrate the reaction in the recording mechanism
andy timmons and guthrie govan have two tones i love.

i would describe it as a very smooth lead sound with little treble, and a nice bright clean sound.
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2nd one sounds too thin to me.

doesnt really sound scooped, but more mids would be nice.
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1st angle or whatever sound much much better to me
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