I recently decided to update my Strat with some new hardware including a set of Fender's SCN Hot Rod Shop pick ups.

After some initial issues they are in and working.

They sound great when played in clear tone and actually no so bad with my boxed distortion but, I'm kind of dis-statified with the sound when using my Fender Performer tube preamp distortion. Most likely caused to the "noiseless" feature I seem to be losing all the tone and crunch I'm accustom to.

I wonder if I should of gone with something else? perhaps the EMG SA set up which are active and appear to be more along the lines of what I hoped to achieve.

I wanted to update from my factory Jap pickups but, not give up the crunch and sustain I'm use to.

Any suggestions?
Personally, I'd get a David Gilmour set. I'm a bit biased, though.

Look into Lace Sensor pickups. a Red in the Bridge, Purple in the neck, and Silver in the middle.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
try a Duncan hotrails or JB jr. in the bridge, there are a few Dimarzios that I don't know the name of (Chopper is one, I think).
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try a Duncan hotrails or JB jr. in the bridge, there are a few Dimarzios that I don't know the name of (Chopper is one, I think).

I actually just pulled a Duncan Hot Rail from the bridge on my Strat I put it quite a few years ago and honestly wasn't thrilled with it.

As of late I've been mostly playing off the original neck position. It seemed to get the best response from both my amp and my box distortion and a relatively decent clean tone.

I'm going to keep messing with the SCN's for now. I probably should of done some more research as the more I read the less it appears they were what I was hoping to accomplish.

I'm definitely open to suggestions since if these don't cut it I will definitely be in the market for something a little more my taste.
+1 with the Lace Sensor Pickups, I personally find them superb.
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