I've got this riff i've come up with that doesn't really fit into any key and i was wondering what scales i should use to solo over it.

its got low E palm muting plus F#5, g5, Bb5, and A5 power chords in it. the only scale i can really figure to go with it would go

E F# G A Bb (OR A#) C# D

would an E locrian with a flatted 5th be correct? or E blues scale?
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Locrian always has a flatted fifth.
It would be far simpler just to treat it as E minor with a few b5's thrown it.
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Well, you could use E minor. Possibly E blues as well to accomodate the Bb... But... The Bb and C#... are they passing tones, or do you stress those notes alot. If you do stress them or they are quite prominent in the riff then there's two things to do. One is to play your E minor scale over the rest of your riff. Now when you hit those other two notes, you make place for them. Petrucci had a column in Guitar World magazine that used this point in question. He said that when you have a song or riff that has these outside notes, basically stick to your key when soloing and when these notes come up, you move these notes inside of it so as to make it fit. Upon playback, if you can't tell that its not meant to be there, then you will have arrived as a soloist.

Of course i bastardised what he said cos i don't have it in front of me, but the meaning is still there.

The other thing is you don't have to play Bb or C# when they come up, that would be too bland. Question whether your Bb chord is major or minor. If its minor then focusing on its third (Db/C#) would be cool. which means if E5 is your next chord and you're still on the C# note, you'll have that nice eerie 6th hanging which adds alot of mystery.

If its Bb major, you could focus on G or better yet, try this chord (moving form low E to high E strings [x1303x]). If you palm mute that and pick it you'll have added a nice touch to your progression.

The rest I'm sure you will figure out. Hope this helps, good luck, enjoy
Show us a recording or tab of ur riff.

We can't tell anything, if we don't know the duration of the chords and where (and how often) they get played.

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