its currently untitled, and its on my profile

its really just a little experiment with my new recording gear

crit please?

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Not a bad experiment. There are both pros and cons for me:

Cons first:

-Too long for what you put into it. Equillibrium is the only band I can think of that can get away with a 13 some minute instrumental piece.
-Many of the parts of overly repetative throughout the piece.
-Mess around with the guitar tones. They're not "bad", but not the best either. They actually remind me of black metal band Ancients guitar tones on occasion, which is basically a "in the middle of good and bad" kind of tone.
-Rearranged for vocals, this could be better and not feel as stagnate


-Despite most of the riffs being overly repetative, they are for the most part solid riffs.
-From about 9 minutes to the end it is a good instrumental. That riff (heard earlier but there is where the song just goes upwards) is reminiscent of some Opeth-like riffs, which is awsome.
-I love metal riffs over cleans. I also love riffing over arpeggios, considering I do it on occasion.

Overall its a good experiment!
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cheers for the crit, i forgot to mention there is suppose to be vocals, but i havent exactly got all the lyrics for it yet