Hey, I'm trying to get a fretboard view for a concert this weekend. But I don't know how to mount a camera to a guitar where it won't get in the way of strumming, the strumming arm won't get in the way, and I can get it stationary enough to where it won't fall off while they move around and rock out. :P

Any suggestions? I have a couple digital cameras and 2 Flip videocameras, and I'd like to get these mounted correctly. Please help me.
Mount it to the headstock facing down the board
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Mount it to the headstock facing down the board

This. Use duct tape, electricians tape, whatever you want. But this is where you need to mount the camera.
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Do you guys think that it'll stay stationary? I mean, they move around alot. Headbanging and such. And what do I do if the angle isn't good enough? Like, after a certain point you can't see the fretboard?
Test it out beforehand. Just go to home depot and ask them there, they'll tell you what you need to do it properly.
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Hmmm.... Okay. I'll see what I can do.

I was thinking of maybe having them with a base of cardboard on either side of the headstock, with the camera on top of it, and duct tape around it to keep it there. The cardboard is so that it doesn't damage the finish on the headstock or leave the funky duct tape residue.

Okay, I'm going to edit this, and hopefully get a response, so I don't get yelled at for being sort of necro. :P

What kind of clamp do I need? 2 inch? 4 inch? 1 inch?

Many a question.

I guess we'll see what Home Depot says tomorrow, but I'd rather get input from whoever's still online first, so I don't end up wasting my time.

And will that damage the headstock of the guitars at all?
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Sorry to double post, but what kind of clamp would I need to NOT damage the headstock to these guitars?
use a capo lawl
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