I learned the song today, found a backing track on guitarbt.com and recorded the guitar part. Obviously the drums, bass, and vocals aren't me.

I'm mostly wondering what you think of the guitar solos (they are improvised), and the tone. C4C. Thanks for checking it out.

Here's the link for my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/joebraves92/
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Its ok bro nothing worth writing home about but your'e pretty good.
I like it a lot. The solos are interesting. Very Nice. Tone is a tad on the thin side but that could just be the recording.

Good work

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Listening as I'm writing..... the tone is less than ok, and for what I assume to be an SS amp its not bad. Some of the chord changes aren't coming thru, but it took me awhile for those actually. Solos on....you do an awfully nice job of playing over rhythm. The solos the best part of the song so far, you really nailed it and kept a feel. The bridge part is on... eh. It's a kinda tricky riff but you need to tighten it up more, it's not coming thru properly. Outro solo.....these are obviously your strength. Very nice job.

Overal, tighten your chords and your riffs, and know that your a very good solo writer.
dude! you sing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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pretty solid. alright tone, but i agree that the chords in the main riff sound off rhythm wise. the solos were good, i liked the outro especially.

crit mine?
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