The synth instrument is just playing the melody of the vocals, not finished with lyrics yet. Song is called Track 5 and is in my profile
Pretty cool. A little hard to judge in the Guitar Pro format but I think that it sounded real catchy and could surely work out to be a great section in a song for a full band to record or perform. Nicely done.

Haha wow, that was fun. In that format it kind of reminded me of Final Fantasy or some other fantasy game's opening song! Sounds good and potentially a very good song with the right lyrical work. The only thing that struck me ass off was the last chord in the slow part. It was a little too dissonant for my tastes. But overall great work.

If you feel like it --
Nice job. This sounds like it could definitely transform into a very commercially successful song. The melody is really catchy. I liked the minor chord change at ~38 seconds in, then back to the major key, it was really refreshing. Do you already have a band together or lyrics in mind? Or were you just planning on starting one? Whatever the case may be, I wish you the best of luck and make sure to re-post when you get the full song up!

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very fun, very catchy. I could really feel a great major scale solo just erupting from that piece, tr and fit one in. would love to hear it done with real instruments too so we can hear the feeling as well as the composition.
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