ok! so ive been recording some guitar riffs into my computer through my amp then and auxialry cable hooked up to the external speaker thing in the back! when I play notes the ring out liek power chords and stuff it starts to go into a random flanger EFFECT! its pissign me off does any one know what i can do to fix this?!?! im thinkign that its some kind of interference or somthing its stressing me out
Don't play anywhere near the computer screen. It is most likely your interference. That's a tough thing. You will want someone to press the button. Also, LOWER THE GAIN. I was recording one time and I noticed that my sound sounded like music going at 64 kbps. It sucks! I read online and found that lowering the gain by about 15-25 percent will help. You may say that you will lose that sound you want, but the computer, for some reason, makes up for it. Try it out and tell me how it goes.
If it's blue, then it MUST smell good.