I completely memorized the pentatonic because I had references to sweeps up and down but whenever it comes to other scales I can't find any sweeps. Could anyone redirect me towards any? Thanks!
Learn the notes all over the fretboard as well as the notes in the scale you want to use, and then construct your own. It's not rocket surgery.

The theory sticky and countless other articles on this website cover chord and scale construction. Use that information to develop your own shapes.
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Well considering you're using the Major scale, the appropriate pattern to it would be M-m-m-M-M-m-d (M=Major, m=minor, d=diminished). Since Ionian is the 1st degree of the Major scale, a Major sweep would be fit over the Ionian mode.

Hope this makes sense.
Make them... use the 1-3-5 in the beginning, start on 3 string, move to 4, then 5 and finally 6 string arpeggios. Make one octave, two and then three octave sweeps. Start in the key of C and move on from there. A lot of it is cut and paste really.

Then construct 7th arpeggios, then 9th... etc. It would be easier finding a book with the shapes but its so much more rewarding when you work them out for yourself. That way, when you finally do look them up, the beam of pride that you got them right feels sooooo good.

I hope this helps, good luck