Hi I'm very interested in the 08 bc rich jr. V nj deluxe, and think it would be perfect for me. I play mostly metal, shred, death metal... But problem is i have never played one and never would be able to without purchase cause of my location. So my question is how is the playability, quality, sound, action, durability, pros/cons....... And how does it compare to guitars such as jackson rr-24, esp Ltd alexi-600, gibson explorer, schecter hellraiser c-1, and so on. Right now i currently play a lower/mid range ibanez. Any help is appreciated.

I'm not a big fan of BC Rich guitars but I actually love this one. I played it once at guitar center.
If you like V's it's tough to beat for the price. It has an OFR which is great. Very similar tone to my Hellraiser.

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