Hey guys i went shopping for my first acoustic electirc and i basically told the guy i was looking for a really smooth playing neck with a cutway. With that limited info he set me up with a really nice Takamine, Yamaha and Taylor all within the price range of 500-800.

So i was playing the Taylor and diggin it, but then he pulled this other guitar off the wall and said i had to try this. It was a Parkwood 560. As i started playing it, it didnt take long to realize it was an amazing guitar. But to make it better, the guy said its being clearanced from 1200 to 750.

Does anyone think this is a little shady? I really like the sound but i have never heard of Parkwood, so i guess my question is, will this be a reliable guitar. The deal sounds killer and he explained what happened was GC decided not to carry the model this year so they are reducing the price. Makes sense, but thought id check with people on UG.

Thanks for the help!

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Nope. Parkwoods are good guitars. GC clearances guitars all the time. You just got a good deal.
I own a parkwood. Got mine at GC on Labor Day for $460 but mine isn't the acoustic-electric version. All in all an amazing all solid wood guitar