It's been a while since I've composed something new so I figured making a new one.
I've been working on this song which is somewhat inspired by Progressive Rock.It's about a boy who mysteriously has a red left eye which holds a great and destructive power . I was planning to make this song a one long epic song but I divided it into 2 parts for the Guitar Pro to play it smoothly because the file is too large. I've written about 11 minutes of material and I'll write the lyrics of the song soon. I'll be also writing the second part of the song soon. I hope you like the song and thank you good day. :
The Awakening, Pt.1 (GP4, GP5, MIDI).zip
I thought this was pretty cool, is it gonna be recorded?
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1. john petrucci masquerading as an innocent user called nbgreat? i wouldnt be surprised

this is one of the most amazing songs i have heard in these forums. if not better, around the same amazingness as zakatak's songs. get ready for my crit. its too long to crit the entire thing though.. anyway first thing. the dream theater influence is REALLY STRONG here i can tell. especially the intro... it sounds almost too much like ive heard that already from dream theater themselves. this entire song sounds like symphony x/dream theater, and the vocals would go dead on hand in hand with russell allen's vocals. im not kidding. maybe james labrie... but i prefer russell allan. the variety, technicality, catchiness, and musicianship/songwriting in this song baffle me. you must be john petrucci or mike portnoy himself. writing stuff liek this? come on. k so i am at bar 167 right now.. and i have 100% liked everything in this song so far. nothing wrong. perfect transitions especially into the awakening, perfect variety, piano, strings, epicness. its perfect right now. might i mention i love that heavy riff at bar 35. that is so good and catchy, yet heavy, yet perfect. this song isnt perfect; perfection is this song. and make no mistake, i am not buttering you up so that when you crit mine (hopefully) you are forced to be nice back and in turn i am happy with myself. no. this is truly good, if dream theater had made this prior, this would be like one of the top songs on images and words. they ARE my favorite band by the way. anyway continuing on. nice drums and change at the discovery. i like bar 221, instead of just repeating the past 4 bars. one not perfect thing finally, im not too fond of the keyboarding at bar 230. but nevertheless, it gets better. nice move at bar 262, i like that going up a tone in the scale. always good. one more thing thats not great is how every transition i think from memory ends on the keyboard playing the tone and fading out. try working on varying your transitions. then, 270 is good, but a little generic. i dont like how you go up to a P4 in that guitar riff. nice reinstatement at bar 279, but the cool rhythm of the guitar is unheard and kind of ruined. or make the drums louder so the listener actually feels the rhythm of that guitar riff even though its not the main melody there.
ive gotta go so i will finish this crit later.
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Its sounds like some kind of video game ost.I don't like but its just my taste this doesn't mean you are not good.
how is no one looking at this? this song is amazing! jeez...
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A PE teachers got a shotput in the side of the dead

Head + dead = dead?
oh yeah and the rest is good, but a couple things. you should change the general rhythmic styles for the rest of the song. its not changing enough. you usually have sixteenth notes for a few bars then a fill at the end of the fourth bar and so on. as well, change the mood. have some acoustic guitar/harp maybe. some really beautiful soft part. in long epics like this, thats whats done to keep interest.
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A PE teachers got a shotput in the side of the dead

Head + dead = dead?
jamesdtsx, he mentioned it was splitted into two parts, so I guess there will be lots more of surprises and variety in the next installment

Anyways, nbgreat with was a(nother!) great tune. Like the stuff you brought us earlier, the people who say you soaked in the DT style were spot on. And the good thing about that style is that it encompasses lots of possibilites for individual expression, so none of your riffs really sound derivative. But what I REALLY like about your stuff is that it professional and playable. You know what I mean, it's one thing to be 'progressive', but for many people that means cramming one impossible (and boring) riff after another without any sense of structure and arrangement. Not so here. And it's professional in that every instrument without exception sounds just 'real'. Many people can compose guitar parts but suck in the drum department, or they make useless keyboards. Here every instrument sounds easily as if it can be played by a real musician, and more than that, a professional musician that knows what he's doing.

Any criticism I could have would mainly be GP-specifics, like better panning for clarity in the mix, but that's nothing I couldn't do myself.

I pray to the Gods of Rock that you have a band or will otherwise record this.

BTW, I home-recorded a cover about one of your earlier songs (Shades of Green), it can be heard as the third song on my profile here. Fully credited of couse. I sent you a pm about it sometime ago, but you don't seem to be around here too often (as long as you spend the time composing, that's alright ). So if you want, I can give this new one a try, too!
WOW DUDE! this is AMAZING! extremely DT. i loved every second of it. i wanna hear more! HEAPS MORE!!!! just wow im in shock
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WOW thanks for all the comments and criticisms guys! Sorry I didn't had the oppurtunity to reply to you until now because I'm too busy. First, I'll answer your questions:

Yes it is very influenced by Dream Theater. (songs like Lines in the Sand, Learning to Live and In the Presence of Enemies)

Gulli05, i don't think it's gonna be recorded soon because of all the work i need to do.

Imm0rtal, It's OK the you don't like it after all we all have different tastes.

jamesdtsx, I really like your criticisms, it's very helpful for me to know the ups and downs of the song. I'll make sure those comments be done in the next installment.

Ailes, Sorry i didn't had the chance to give you a reply in the Shades of Green thread. I really liked the recorded version of Shades of Green and I'd be very delighted for you to give the new song a try. About the GP specifics, i don't know how to use it but maybe i'll try to study how it works

Marskell, I'm happy you liked it. I'll release the second part soon but I just started it so it'll take sometime for me to finish it.

Finally, I want to say again that I'm delighted for all your comments and
The Awakening, Pt.2 will be released soon!

Thank you and Good Day
Alas, it is done:

CLICK ME for the mp3 of the song

I uploaded a recorded version (192kb) . Not only can you download, but the filehost there also includes a streaming-feature (like UG-player or myspace, etc.) so you can listen instantly without downloading anything.

Was a well-spent nights' work. My sampler crapped up on me several times, so the mix isn't the greatest, but for a rough sketch it should do. Alas, mistakes here and there, but hey, I've seen the material for just a day. Didn't have time to learn the solo by heart, so there may be some stuff missing in the feeling-department.
But anyhoo. Enjoy!

and thanks nbgreat for giving me something to practice again!
DAMN Ailes, that recording is friggin amazing! what program do you use?
"We carry death out of the village!"
well a recording can only be as good as the source material, so again all praise belongs to nbgreat for the quality contribution.

I recorded this in a little multitrack program called REAPER. If you don't mind boring gear-chat, here's the full setup:

Cheapo Ibanez GRX guitar -> broken cable with wobbly contact -> Boss GT8 for amp simulation -> mono output -> another ****ty cable, with a mono adapter that goes into the -> standart line input of the computer -> processed by trash onboard soundcard -> recorded in REAPER.

Now, every item in this list should throw up red flags to any lovers of a good sound. If I had money to piss away, I'd buy a better guitar, cables that don't wimp out on me in the middle of a solo, and while the BOSS has nice effects, it's not the primary box for recording. Stereo routing would be nice, as would be a soundcard that didn't depreciate sound like it's coming from a tin can. A designated audio-interface like the Mbox or Line6 Toneport would help immensly. Oh yes and did I mention that I have no monitor speakers, so all my mixing and mastering is basically done flying blind ?

The program REAPER does it's job admirably. It's free, small and doesn't crash as much as fancier software. The main point is that it can utilize VST plugins. There's a multitude of free effects and software instruments out there, and that's what I used. All the instruments, besides guitar of course, come from free synthies and samplers. They don't sound that well, but for the price, who am I to complain. With a little tweaking it's almost... bearable.
I obviously don;t expect a crit back for this, but that was unbelievably amazingly awesome. Definitely Dream Theater or Fates Warning type stuff, awesome all the way through.

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This is some pretty amazing stuff. I don't know how much I can really add to what has been said in the thread, DT influence obviously, amazing instrumentation and structure etc...

The intro sounds a lot like one of the tracks on Falling Into Infinity, I think it is New Millennium. Doesn't mean it is a bad intro though.

I really like the time signature work you have going on.

I LOVE the piano/guitar solo section (ending at bar 100ish) however, it did seem to drag a bit.

Section two starts with a nice calmer reprise of the intro, nice epic chorus then back to calm but with added guitar. Good fill into the second epic chorus bit, with some very good lead work over btw.

Next section is my favorite so far, perfect. I would only change the lead work leading into the third section "The Discovery", make it faster. Very big Octavarium vibe here...
Some more nice lead work from the keys at bar 262.

Then there is the reprise of that second guitar riff, key change, nice fill leading into an epic bit. Haha, that was quite wierd, I was just think that it needed some good scales or w/e to come in at bar 303 and they did! Good call man.

So that's it. Overall summary? There arn't really any faults, it's a bit too close to DT in some parts. You manage some very smooth transitions, you manage to repeat earlier riffs/sections without it sounding old or out of place. It's basically very good.
If you made an album like this, I would buy it (or at least download it illegally :p). Only, find someone better than James LaBrie to sing. Please.
oh nbgreat you mind critting/listening to my latest piece? the "PTH/DT-esque Prog Metal [Warning: EPIC] " one in my sig? thanks
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A PE teachers got a shotput in the side of the dead

Head + dead = dead?
I was actually meaning to crit it earlier, but I didn't have any time until now.

The introduction is really good. The second harmonization doesn't really suit my ears though. But when the drums come in it makes it just that much better. The added strings make up for everything though. It gives it that extra umph :]

The next section that was proggy was pretty good. I'm not too fond of tri-tones being used that way though. But I heard Ailes recording of it and it sounds good there, so no faults for you ;]

Oooh nice piano and guitar solo. The piano part is very nicely made. It's very memorable and pretty. The guitar solo over it is very good as well. Nicely done for this part. +1 for that. Easily my favorite part so far (even though there's only been three xD)

I like how the piano brings back the original melody. gives it a nice touch. And then the way you change it makes it something that doesn't get tired out and overused. The bass is very nice too... adds that extra touch. I don't know why... but I really like the drums at this part xD Don't ask... I just do. The clean guitar fits very nicely. Nothing bad about that.

And then when you come back with the distortion it seems so epic. I really like the melody at bar 149.

And then the main melody comes back. I'm just gonna call it a theme now XD

But yeah.. it comes back and then you change the rhythm tracks and it makes it once again different and good.

I like the next part. The melody is very nice and fits very well into the song. The strings are very well written.

the next part after that is good. Nothing special to me. I don't really like the harmonization you've done with the lead, but eh... that's just me.

And then TheDiscovery. I LOVE how you intro it. The riff is just amazing. And then the strings are just... oh my god. This whole section is my favorite. From the drum intro to the melody and the backing riffs. Words can't describe my liking for this riff. Though I do like how you harmonized the melody at some sections.

And then the proggy sounding riff is very nice. It brings a very hectic feel to me.

The epic part after the next couple, that now has strings, brings a very climactic ending to the song. Believe it or not, it reminds me of Coheed and Cambria XD

But yeah... your song is amazing. I can't wait for part 2 :] You actually inspired me with this song ;]

9.7/10 definately. The only fault was some harmonizations didn't really fit well with me.

It's also the soundtrack like song in my sig.
very much like Rush, pretty mathcore at most parts and a lot of keyboard and bass. i dont' like how the bass played pretty much the same thing as teh guitar mosta the time o well
Sorry for all the late reply for as you know I'm very busy at school. Well anyway, I'd like to thank Ailes for the recorded version of The Awakening, Pt. 1. I'm happy that the song came alive and better because of you just like what you did to Shades of Green. I'd like to also say thanks to the newer comments.

lukephillips000, about the intro, I listened to New Millennium and really sounded almost the same! lol. Actually, after i played that riif on the guitar, The first thing I thought it was similar to was Learning To Live. Guess I didn't see that one coming! Also, about the Guitar solo/Piano in the Introduction, I'm glad you liked that part because that's also one of my favorite parts in the song and thatnks for the tip about the lead singer (lol), though it's probably not gonna be put in an album soon, but I'll try to.

DiminishedFifth, I'm glad you also liked it about your song, Manifestation, I'll comment about it later becuase I'm busy at some other things but here's what I can say:
I'm impressed with the instrumentation of the strings given that it's your first time using one especially the pizzicato strings. The melody is very beautiful, very elegant sounding, and i can really hear that Legend of Zelda vibe in that song.

For jamesdtsx, sorry for not commenting about your song 'cause I'm still busy but here's my comment for now:
I gotta say the intro is cool. It's very proggy and DT-sounding (IMO) though i'd say work on its breaks and transitions like the transitions between pre-verse and chorus. Also just like Ailes said, Bass tracks give boost and backbone to the song. It gives "Balls" to the riffs that makes it heavy.
The pre-verse sounded PTH and very evil sounding. The chorus is also evil sounding and the keyboards give the chorus a nice, evil melody .

Uber Man, about the bass tracks, I need for them to play the guitar parts to give a heavy sound but I then again, everyone have different tastes

Info about The Awakening, Pt. 2:
It's still in progress. I just finished the First movement or the Fourth movement in the whole picture and I'm currently working on the second/fifth movement. The first sounds mellow and the second sounds "heavy balls" (IMO). Hope you're all looking forward to Part 2!

Again, Thank you and good day