I've only been playing for 2 years and i learned how to set up my guitar except adjusting the trauss rod. I know that it is risky but in my area, guitar stores charge 100$+ for this because they consider it as part of "setting up."

I already have the allen key/wrench to adjust the rod. I have also watched some videos on youtube on how to do it. So... should i try it?
Hello =)
yah but be careful. optimal would be for you to play around on your friend's sister's first act or squier first
It's all about feel
Just make sure you need to do it in the first place. Make some small adjustments and observe the changes.
Don't do it just to try it. Does the guitar need truss rod adjustment?
id advise you to try .. you never know till you try but dont screw it too much, just do tiny adjustments at a time, loosen the strings when you adjust it