i'm really siked for CMAR
Í've never seen Shikari, but heared their live-shows were always amazing
I downloaded their compilation and gave it a couple good listens. Not bad, but I never really got into them. Maybe I'll try again this weekend.

Is the singer hanging upside down in that picture or is he on the floor?
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Is the singer hanging upside down in that picture or is he on the floor?

on the floor, videos from their live shows you will always see him crawling on the floor and goin berserk
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So stoked on this band right now.

took you long enough
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took you long enough

Indeed. I had listened to them a bit but got into a bunch of other stuff at the same time and ended up just kind of relegating Shikari to an after-thought. Finally, a couple weeks ago I put them on and have been spinning their discography almost daily. I can't believe it took me as long as it did to get into this band.
especially since you made post about Union of Uranus and One Eyed God Prophecy which I hear tons of in Shikari songs
good bands like shikari should not be on the last page!

friends always confuse this band with enter shikari, facepalmin.
I'm sad: their vocalist told me a month ago they aren't doing any reunion stuff anymore
Another band I haven't listened to in ages... I need to get back into screamo
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thats like... a really broad range... how can you like dragonforce AND beethoven Dx