What are the best instruments to use for vocals in guitar pro? i just wanna know what everyone else uses. i have an almost finished song and i cant decide on what instrument to use for the vocal track. thanks

Edit: my song is finished and i used saw wave so that it "cuts" through the rest of the instruments. if you wanna see it... the top link in my sig.
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Isn't there like a vocals instrument in there?
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Ensemble Strings & Voices section has "Voice Ohhs" and ofcourse the "Synth Voice"
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yes use the synths or the vStrings they should do the work.You can try out with organs but i don't think it will be good
Flute is pretty good too.
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It really depends on the timbre and setting of the vocals. In some tunes, a brass instrument might sound best, in other tunes, a woodwind with a softer edge. I don't really use synth voice or voice ohs etc. that much, they almost always feel to subdued.

In heavier songs with a more 'thick' arrangement, I may use stuff like sawtooth lead, because you need a hard edge to cut through the mix at all. On the other hand, in a light ballad with soft crooning, choir ahs for example will fit.
wow thanks for all the advice everyone. and ailes, i award you with best forum poster... i have seen a lot of your posts and you give such helpful answers. thanks
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My voice is really fluffy and light, so I use flute. (Not to toot my own horn, I hate my voice)
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I allways use the Alto Sax. Works every time.

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adding on to ts's question, what do you guys use for scream vocals?
and scream haters- i came prepared: *puts up flame barrier*
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the best bets are woodwind instruments as has been said. Clarinet, Oboe, Saxes all work depending on what sound you want.
for a high soprano voice, a flute or piccolo might sound okay but otherwise I wouldn't bother.
all of this of course is personal preference though.

I advise to never use Choir Aahs or Oohs or synth voices.
I also advise to never try and pass a guitar (distortion or clean) off as vocals.
Brass don't work too well either.
Screams are not currently "possible" in GP. nothing really works for that. :/
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Pan flute is best for softer female vocals in my opinion. Flute is a little to harsh.

I love the pan flute sound.
 I always change vocal tracks to jazz guitar
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