Okay i have gotten different impressions from way to many people about this. Firstly i got a bass amp it puts out 550 watts when I'm running it at 4 ohms. i run 2 8ohm cabs estimated 600 watts handling. Now is my amp putting out 550 watts overall (275 watts per cabinet) or 550 watts into each cabinet cause I've heard both are true. Same with guitar amps say i have a 120 watt head running into two 4x12 cabinets. Does this mean each cab is getting 120 watts or 60 watts?

Please help me with this cause what i thought I knew i no longer have a clue
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You are splitting the power between all of the cabinets, so if you have 2 identical cabs then essentially half the power goes to one and the the other half goes to the other cab.
Bass that loud would sonically vibrate and tickle the hairs under my bag lol

But basically what Demi said
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