Hey I've read a couple of "What guitar to buy"-threads on here, and I don't see anyone recommending Tanglewood guitars.
Does anyone have any experience with them at all? Or are they just too ****ty to mention?
I've played one at a guitar shop here in Holland last week, and it sounded reasonable to me.
I believe it was a TW145SC (not 100% positive).
So what's the deal here?
basically, I went to a guitar store a month or so ago, played a heap of acoustics, and there was two that stood out to me, a tanglewood 6 string, and a tanglewood 12 string. If you can get passed the price tag they're the way to go imo.
Well it wasn't too expensive.. something like €350, so that's 500 dollars or so?
I just found it weird that I hadn't read anything about them on UG yet.

My friend bought a Tanglewood TW55 NSB the other week, its actually quite a nice guitar.

I think with brands like Taylors and Martin and what not, we usually forget about the other companies, but the guy who sold the TW55 to my mate reckons they'll be the next Takamine of acoustics in a couple of years.

I was searching for a new acoustic recently and was looking into the Tanglewood, unfortunately I couldn't find any in my area that had them.

My mate got a good deal, he got it just before the New years, paid only $720 AU for it.
i got a tanglewood Evolution for xmas, i cant pick any faults with it apart from past the 17th fret the notes are a bittoo hard to reach.

Overall though for the price i paid (£110) i cant complain
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Yeh I think I played that one aswell, didn't sound as good as the TW145SC though, maybe it was the different wood.
The thing about the TW145SC is that is has electronics in it, which I don't think I'll need.
Then again, a lot of steel-string acoustics with cut-away have electronics in it..
They get mentioned every now and then and very rarely is anything negative said about them. I've really liked every one that I have played. Im not quite sure why they haven't gained the recognition of other acoustic brands. Perhaps us acoustic folk are stuck in our ways.
Hey..Get Mad...I own a Tanglewood just like you looked at a TW145 SW...for the money it may be one of the best buys I have ever found. I own 34 guitars, a lot of different brands. Of them about 8 are acoustic. And this Tanglewood performs nearly as well as some of my Martins...at about a 1/4 to 1/3 the price. The workmanship is excellent, tone is fabulous, and it was exactly what I was looking for in size and thickness. Very lightweight and easy to carry around...I use it for lessons I give. Anyway, hope this is a little help to you.
Well so far everyone has been extremely positive about them..
I'm still wanting to test out a few other guitars so I can compare them though.
How are the electronics holding up? Had any problems with it so far?