It's not that she's drop dead gorgeous that gets me, it's that she's one of those girls with something about her, know those ones you meet where they make you go tingley? No I'm not talking about that... -_- I mean the butterflies you get. Come on we've all felt it. I love her and her band with a passion and I plan to see them live when they come to Australia. The high pitched squeeling will be me, not the girls at the show.

I was kind of dissapointed to the fact that their song Decode was featured on Twillight, however it's not to bad in a way, since they get a bit of exposure and radio time, it's just rather annoying that there is a load of teenage girls claiming to be their biggest fans after listening to them for 3 weeks and knowing the chorus to Decode.

What does UG think of her and Paramore?

PS. Call her a ranga and I'll hit you.