When you connect the head up to the cab, should the ohm rating of the head be higher or lower than the cab? I'm using my singers brothers halfstack as he's at uni, but i have no experience on the matter.
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It should be the same for a tube amp. Some amps can run a mismatch, but it's always best to match. Having a cab of too low impedance will cause the power section of the amp to draw more current, power tubes will run hotter, and could very well burn out, OT can overheat and... blow up. Running a load of higher impedance is not as bad, it will cause your tubes to run cooler, but in general sounds kind of bad. I wouldn't overdo it because you can overload the OT and at too high resistance, the OT can arc. Just be sure that you have a speaker or load connected at all times while it is on, otherwise, your amp will... blow up and you're left with a dead amp and possible electrical fire.

Oh and for solid state amps it shouldn't not be lower than the impedance setting on the head.

Edit: This is going to sound super hypocritical of me but I run an mismatched impedance (head set to 16 ohms running an 8 ohm load) on my JTM45 and let me tell you something, it sounds so sick. However, I don't recommend that you try this, I do it because of the way the JTM45 OT works.
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