My budget is around £600, about $900.

my favourite bands are Coheed and Cambria, Bullet For My Valentine, Pearl Jam, Mastodon and Metallica.

Nothing too metal really......Don't really have a clue what to get but I looked at some Washburns ? Can't decide on whether to have a trem or not.
price of those is (I think) above his budget, but the Ibanez S series should be in budget, or an RG with a fixed bridge. maybe look at some LTD's / washburns / Schecters?
lTD have some awesome guitars at that range, schecter worth a look too maybe
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Hmm, I'd go Schecter or Washburn, but a Washburn beats a schecter on price and spec.

Maybe an S series if you want a trem. You could even check out the Washburn HM series but I've never had any experience with that particular range.
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never owned one but I did play on a an S.... 540 I think it was, great trem, shame the store never really tunes their guitars.

also, the lTD deluxe series is pretty good (I think) but maybe bove budget, and I never played washburns/Schecters but heck, no reason you shouldn't
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