2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio

Black/nickel(chrome whatever it is)
Original pups switched with KFK EMGs-20db boost switch is under the pickguard
Original pups included
OHSC included

Played regularly. Still in very good shape. Just has some light pick scratches above the low E string and the usual wear in the spot where LPs ALWAYS get worn the most. Think Hetfields Truckster LP. Where the arm rest on the top rear. Is also very light. Even though guitar is gloss black you have to angle it in the light to see the imperfections.

Bought at GC in 2006. The pups were changed at GC b4 I ever even played it. The original pups are unplayed and brand new. Sorry no pics yet. Will have up in a couple of days.

The guitar plus the KFK EMGs plus HSC plus labor to put in the pups cost me a bit over 1,400 dollars. Have receipts. Guitar is very well taken care of. Fretboard was just cleaned again and of course guitar gets polished once a week.

I play through a piece of crap 150w Line 6 digital modeling amp yet the guitar still sounds astoninshing. Those EMGs in a thick bodied mahogony Les Paul? Think about it...I wish I knew how to upload some audio files of it. The thickest, meanest and nastiest bowels of hell distortion Ive ever heard out of anything. Can also do the "Nothing Else Matters" clean tone perfectly.

Im looking for a very decent super strat with or without a Floyd or a Gibson V or Explorer. Love those recent faded Explorers.

or-$850 for the guitar, case and original pups.

pics in a couple days or as soon as I can figure out how to shrink them to less than 50kb