Hi guys, follow the myspace link in my sig, I'm after some crit on any or all of the songs I have on there. They make up my demo CD "Seasons Are Changing", but I'm not 100% happy with them. On my next batch of songs I'm wanting a slightly different direction, so I'm turning to you guys to tell me which elements of these songs, in your opinion, are the keepers and what I should improve on. Of course I will return the favour on any crits, be they lyrics or recordings or whatever. To give you an idea of the songs sounds, here's a quick guide:

1. Like You Mean It - A fairly straight up pop-acoustic song, something you might hear from Teddy Geiger or Pete Murray or the likes.

2. April Fall - going for a little bit more of a modern folky vibe on this one

3. Certain Something - A similar style to Like You Mean It, with maybe a little of The Fray style influence in there.

4. On Introspection - A darker track with an acoustic Opeth influence

5. Dead Oceans - An instrumental acoustic guitar track, it's a musical response to John Butler's piece "Ocean" so if you're familiar with that it'll make more sense to you.
I'm critting as I'm listening so bear with me lol.

Like You Mean It - I like the guitar on it. Good lyrics no need to change em. The vocal melody for the verse gets a tad repetetive but it's good nonetheless. On the chorus and bridge I think slightly higher vocals would fit better for the let off to the quiet part. And the effect on the voice, I think a bit of reverb would fit better than the current effect. But hey who am I to tell you how to live your life haha. Good song, and it's not THAT pop. Teddy Geiger would kill to write something that original sounding!

April Fall - Good name to fit the song lol. It's got a lot of air on it. Feels like you're floating. Again, I feel like the vocals need a bit more volume/energy but they are very nice. Guitar is pretty nice on it. I like how the songs aren't straight strumming and have an amount of spice to them. Good solo, comes on perfectly and ends well.

Certain Something - Ooooo! Piano. Good. Very good change. Up the volume on your vocals bit to let them stand out. When the vocals change slightly is how I think you sound best, and how all your songs should be sung, as it lets your voice stand out more because of the mids and highs. And also, I think you should keep the piano throughout the whole song.

On Introspection - Very nice vocals, except they need a tad more volume. I like the subtle reverb. It has a very good sound to it. The change from low to higher vocals needs more volume, the instruments are drowning you out. Good song though, very easy to listen to.

Dead Oceans - Ah that patting on the guitar is screaming for some delay, imho. I like the licks. It has a good sound to it, not much that you need to change man, it's one of your better ones.

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Listening to "Like you mean it". Nice clear guitars and vocals. And a nice range of vocals too. Good work. Maybe you could work on the vocals where you are trying to be a little forceful, in the chorus, I guess. Haven't really paid any attention to the lyrics, but it seems like a good job. And the whisper somewhere in the middle kept it interesting. BTW, what did you record with? And the keyboards in the background suited perfectly. Will comment on the others as I listen to them.

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Loved "April Fall"!! Especially the bridge, with the solo and that little fill on the guitar. Exellent stuff. And like I said, your "soft" vocals are really good. Just when you are trying to force things a bit, it sounds a bit out of place. I am sure it'll get better with practise. And you could also try and sing in different styles, just to keep the listener interested.


BTW, I read in your bio that you were/are in some metal bands. I am in a metal too basically. You have any stuff from your metal scene? I'd love to listen to it.
I only was able to check out On Introspection because the website self-destroyed itself or something. Blatant overexaggeration, but it stopped working. So I'll critique that song, happy I heard it to by the way cause I love Opeths slower stuff (and I am inspired by it as well).

The song is pretty good overall. Your vocals definitly need to have more volume. I was very surprised at the sound of your voice. That is not the voice I would have associated with the picture of you on that page. This is in no way bad, considering your voice is good; but it was just strange for me. haha. The guitar playing was solid, though on a few occasions it sounded like you messed up and near the end it sounded like you were letting the high E string ring openly during the riffs, which kind of ruined them in a way. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but something is unnecessarily ringing during those riffs. Besides these small complaints, you got a good song there. With some tweaks it can be an excellent addition to a demo!

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Quote by jayant412

BTW, I read in your bio that you were/are in some metal bands. I am in a metal too basically. You have any stuff from your metal scene? I'd love to listen to it.

Hey thanks for the interest dude, the metal band I'm currently in is only newly formed (we met on UG actually) so we don't have any real songs recorded, but I'll be sure to let you know when we do.

Quote by jayant412
BTW, what did you record with?

I recorded in a bit of an unorthodox way seeing as none of the gear was actually mine, and I wasn't in a studio, it was an assortment of borrowed gear that I used to do up a bit of a makeshift studio in my school's music room. Basically I used a mixer approach, but bypassing the crappiness of the computers sound card by recording from the mixer output into a Roland R09 portable WAV recorder, which is quite a good bit of gear. I then imported the WAV into my sequencer (Cubase VST 5.0) and so on with each track. I then mixed everything down and mastered the tracks in GarageBand. It sounds convoluted but you get the hang of it.

Thanks everyone for your responses, I'm returning crits as we speak. I do agree with you guys saying I sound forced in higher parts, that's mostly because I'm not that great a singer yet and I'm still struggling with higher notes, but I'm hoping to find a vocal coach soon. Keep the crit coming!