This is the tab for one of my old band acoustic songs.Its a bit short cause we used its as intro but its still cool and the tab is a bit improved by me.You can hear the original record in my profile.Please feel free to say what you thing i will be glad to hear your opinion
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sorry fo bumping but why haven't you ppl comment my stuff.Its not only this song its all of my songs.What a crappy community im so dissapointed from all of you
You'll get max 1-3 crits unless it's drop C/D prog/trash/death metal, welcome to Tabs and Chords.

Now, on to the song:
Nice atmosphere, not sure about the moving bass line, think it would be better with drums, but unsure.
I'd say, fitting as an intro.
Basically you need to do crits to expect them a.k.a C4C. Don't whine about people not leaving you comments if you don't do so yourself. Not saying you don't, but you get what I mean.

As for the song, its a nice, short, relaxing piece and I'm especially liking bars 10-12. The whole piece has a calm walking-through-a-meadow feel. Peaceful. You should think about extending on this. 8/10
thank you for your opinion.I think the bass don't fit too but i forgot how it was played when we recorded this intro
i like how its an acoustic piece, and it didnt bore the crap out of me.

you automatically get a 9/10

extend it please!