I think I gotta my axe to a luthier, but the nearest one is as an hour's drive away, and I can't drive myself there, nor am I going to take a train. So I'm trying to figure this out myself before I pay anyone else to do it.
My has a weird buzz, especially on the D string. It's not fret buzz (it doesn't seem like), and it kinda seems like bridge is shaking (though it's especially audible when I palm mute, so that kinda contradicts that). There's also some weird little buzz on the 9th fret of the same string (but it seemed to move around a bit when I fiddled with the action).
Any suggestions? I got 11 gauge string on there.
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The same thing happened to me.
It's probably the little screw that hold the saddle that's come a bit loose. I still haven't found a proper solution, but tightening the screw just enough to hold it still helps for a bit. I'm going to take mine to the shop to have it sorted out.
or you could need new tuners, I have a tokai sg, and that happened to me, there was a wierd buzzing on the low e and d/g strings, and at first i thought it was the nut, but it turns out it was the tuners, so i bought new gibson deluxe ones, and now its a beast.
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I second the tuner theory. My Ibanez bass had a similar problem and it was the cheap tuners rattling around.