I've agreed to giving some lessons but realised very quickly that I've no idea where to start or how to approach them.

I've been teaching myself with magazines and the internet for 6 years but have no real idea of how a lesson works.

Anyone any ideas on how to approach lessons for acomplete beginner?
well u ask them what kind of music they wanna play
then my teacher tells us to get a list of songs we wanna play
then each week we go through 1 song
but if its a complete beginner just teach them the open chords
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It depends on the skill level of the people you are teaching. If they are beginners then teach them open chords, like the guy above me said. If they are a little more advanced... Then ask them if there is a certain technique they would like to learn, along with a specific song.
For their sake and yours, you probably shouldn't teach them. Point them in the direction of someone who actually know how to teach guitar.
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For their sake and yours, you probably shouldn't teach them. Point them in the direction of someone who actually know how to teach guitar.

Everyone who replies to threads on this site essentially also teaches guitar.

Why shouldn't he teach?

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Yeah, how does a person go from not teaching to teaching following that logic? And also, you have to worry about what happens when all the people who do teach die of old age, since the only option for someone who doesn't teach is to send the student to someone who does.

Anyway, start off by reminding yourself that absolutely everything you know about the guitar no matter how simple, is something you had to learn. Nothing "just is" because your student is a complete beginner - he has to learn all of it from scratch, so none of it will be obvious.

Material-wise - how to hold the guitar, how to pick, fret, introduce him right away to stretching for at least a couple of minutes before playing. Tapping your foot. counting. Open power chords, followed by open major or minor chords, followed by the easiest changes. Simple single note riffs. Make sure your library of easy to play stuff that you know how to play is up-to-date (I dont think you need whole songs - just main riffs, intro's, choruses - just the most identifiable parts of songs). Watch out that you don't hurt him. It's hard to believe, but 1st to 4th fret is uncomfortable for a normal humanoid who hasn't played, so bear this in mind!

It would be a good idea, to buy yourself a beginners book, not to copy in how you teach him, but to mine for ideas and remind yourself of being a beginner, and make sure you are not forgetting something that seems obvious to you as an experienced player.
I wouldn't disagree with what any of the advice given here really, just show them the very basics on guitar, ie how to hold the guitar, a pick.. Ask them what they want to learn and start teaching them some of the first things you ever learnt or some of the things that you find pretty easy which are probably the basics..