I am needing advice on playing a 1,2,3,4 fringer fret speed builder exercise. When playing the Low E, i tend to tilt my hand towards the top of the guitar. When i got to the next string its harder to do it. ive tilted the pick towards inside of palm so pick doesnt catch on strings. But should my pick hand be touching any stings when Im picking on Low E or A string? Im trying t be consistent, and build speed. i cant pick a string at 160bpm,but that way of playing I dont think will get me where I want to be becasue of the technique I'm using. Also when picking fast I find it harder to go from one string to the next.i can pick fast on one string,bu not form one to the other. Can someone help me with how my picking hand should be placed? I usually leave my middle,ring and pinky extended a bit when picking as i find it easier to pick fast,I taught myself this way and making a fist,its awkward for me to play. how many of you have those fingers exteneded and is it slowing me down? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks