i have cubase studio 4 and i want to ask how i can use vst systems like guitar rig. i have copied the plugins in the plug in folder of cubase, but the i cannot use them. normally they should be found under effects but they dont. and sometime when i have connected my m-audio fast track pro audio interface on my notebook, it comes a notice, that the vst system link(in cubase) is off because of to much mistakes with the datatransport. do i need cables to connect the midi out or something other to use the plugins? (my fast track pro is connected with an usb cable with my computer)
Although I haven't used Cubase in ages, Sonar incorrectly recognises Guitar Rig as a software synth (though I think that's probably to do with Sonar's VST>DX wrapper).

Beyond that I really don't know. I thought VST System Link was for use between different computers, so I don't really understand why it's an issue in the first place...
i think you are right with the vst system link... but why cant i use the vst instruments?
are the vst instruments the same like the vst systems like guitar rig 3?
I haven't used cubase since version 2.


Try... "VST Connections" in one of the menus.

I think there you can select and browse for VST Plugs.

I assume you know this but just in case...Just go to the audio channel and insert Guitar Rig into an insert.

Also just go through all of the cubase settings and preferences, look for any settings that may be the culprit to the VST link issue.

No, MIDI cables would have no affect on this issue.

Hope that helps
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i really thank you^^
ifound the effects under inserts when i had chosen a track. thx really