Hello guys! I've got a huge problem and am running out of time... It's been like this for the last couple of days, maybe. The problem is that every time I connect to the Internet (a DSL connection, not always connected), it works for like 20-30 seconds, then disconnects. I can connect again, but the same happens. 10, 20, 30 seconds maximum. Then disconnects. My computer itself works fine, it's just the internet. Please help!!! It might be a virus, or something, I dunno, but since I don't know its name I can't download the appropriate tool. Microsoft's Malicious software tool didn't find anything, Avast Virus Cleaner (which is old: newest version built in 2007) didn't find anything either... I've no idea what the problem is. Please please help! It might disconnect any moment, but miraculously it's working now so I'm gonna browse the net in search of a solution until it disconnects again. Thanks!!!
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if it lasts for a few secs then how did you post this?

also, i'm not really the one to help but try plugging your cable back in again. it might be dodgy.
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drop your firewall to medium.
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As I said, it's somehow working now, but if I disconnect, the problem will reappear. I couldn't connect properly yesterday at all, and it was dodgy today, it's just that somehow it's working now, but I'm sure the problem is still there. That's why I'm desperate to get all the information I can while it's working. The cable seems fine... If it helps, I can make a screenshot of the running processes?

P.S. And yes, I don't have any kind of anti-virus, I am THAT stupid. But it's the first time something like this happened... I'm gonna try and download a free antivirus now, but not sure if it's gonna solve the problem. I still think I need a worm removal tool but for that I need the name...
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try downloading Internet Explorer or my favorite (Firefox). Sometimes there may be something corrupt with your internet application and it just needs reinstalling...be sure to delete the old app before INSTALLING the new one. Hope this helps.
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call your isp it might be a problem with their servers i doubt a virus would even let you connect to begin with
Thanks guys! I'm still connected on that same connection, so have no idea whether the problem got fixed or not, but I've downloaded everything I could (including SpyBot, thanks for that!!) and if this happens tomorrow, gonna try to solve it, otherwise call my ISP (though their support is very ****ing useless and costs money...). Either way, I can't have my PC running forever, gonna have to disconnect some day... So hopefully it gets fixed somehow, cause I have an exam in a couple of days and all the learning material is online.
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as you are dsl..how far away are you from your local exchange?
Erm... wow, I'm not a total computer noob but I really have no clue... I'd think since it's easily the most popular Moscow ISP and I'm in a new house right in the center of the city... I'd think I'm not that far away, but honestly have no clue. The phone line is new, though.
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