So I finally got around to buying a guitar to mod.
I got a "Weconic" (never heard of the brand) Strat copy for $115AUD.


At the moment, my current plans are to strip it down and repaint it, install a humbucker in the bridge position, turn the bridge into a floating one, and possibly add a kill switch in favour of one of the tone controls. Also, if it fits, I might steal the neck off my old damaged Ibanez and put it on this.

I was originally planning to do a Frankenstrat type paint job, but it seems everyone is doing that right now, so I might go for a camo paint job instead. (This is open for suggestions)

The hardware is all brand new, so I'll probably be reusing most of it.

I haven't tested the guitar on an amp yet, so I don't know what it sounds like through an amp, but it is fairly bright and resonates pretty well for such a cheap guitar, so I'm sure with some decent electronics it could have some potential.

I'm open to any ideas, and am about to start taking it apart as we speak.

More pics soon.
I don't know but if you find a place be sure to let UG know about it

Edit: I'm glad you're reconsidering the EVH paint job... I have nothing against it but there have been a whole lot of them on UG lately (no offense because they have all been really good)
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evh paint job everyone is doing: red/white/black.
evh paint job that is rare: yellow/black
use the yellow one
camo sounds good too though
Well the guitar is now in pieces on my floor... Pics will be uploaded later this morning when I have access to my dads laptop. I can't wait to start sanding it down, although I may need to wait a few days if there's no large grit sandpaper
That does look pretty nice, just the 2 colours.

What do you guys think of

(Green parts are the routed out parts)
As an alternative? (Please note it's 2:35 am and I'm feeling quite lazy right now)





Pickguard (Yet to take off the electronics):


Taken electronics off, haven't taken them apart yet though.
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My friend just customized a strat by taking the pickguard off and instead having plywood filling the cavities and wood filler in the crevices, he did an EVH paint job with blue white and black actually turned out pretty nice... experimenting with different colors can get some pretty cool combos
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if were you id leave the paint change the neck with that ibanez if possibe and then ajust the action the truss rod and the pickups it looks really good how it is but i dont know the playability or action but i realize its you project and you need to realize all the these are just suggestions
and change that @$$ ugly pickgaurd and put some gold pickgaurd screw that would look cool
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For the money I'd just buy a gibson Les Paul

what the fuck are you on about?
If you wanna gibson les paul go buy one yourself....

Theres one good thing about this guitar its not plywood

Nice buy for 150.
What sort of floating bridge do you have in mind?
If its not a Floyd rose, get some locking tuners and a graphite nut,
Replace the pickups with some quality ones (im guessing the ones in there are shit cause its so cheap)
Fill in the routes with hardwood and reroute it, so there is no need for a pickguard. Have the cavity on the back with a nice cover
Make it a superstrat (3 mini on/ off switches instead of the 5 way)
Lower the action real low without any buzz and intonate it, its probably not setup properly regarding the price, may also need a few small truss rod adjustments.
Do the camo paint job with black binding.

An idea for your floating bridge (if you don't want a FR) Buy a Fender 2 point pivot bridge (the one with two studs) and recess it, so that it is possible to dive bomb and pull up on, plus its floating. To do this you really need locking tuners and a graphite nut (or similar) to prevent going out of tune and string breakage....
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and change that @$$ ugly pickgaurd and put some gold pickgaurd screw that would look cool

I was planning on getting a new black pickguard made up to fit a single humbucker, which gold will obviously go quite nice with, especially with a black/yellow paintjob.

What sort of floating bridge do you have in mind?

I was thinking whatever the cheapest one I can find on ebay is :P.
Nah, I'll probably buy a LFR or even keep the bridge that's on there and just buy a locking nut.

Also, it was $115, not $150

if were you id leave the paint change the neck with that ibanez if possibe

I want to, but the neck is a little bit damaged (circumstances out of my control), which may cause some problems etc and detract from the sexiness

Also, progress!
Just about done sanding, more pics up soon!

About to buy some "high gain" pickups from someone off ebay. Hopefully a little gamble won't turn out so bad.
Also, getting a locking nut.

I can still enter in the 100GBP contest
100 GBP = $220AUD

Question - should I paint the back of the neck as well, or just paint the headstock and leave the rest of the neck natural?
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Thanks but, I'm in Australia, not America, so shipping costs++
Also $35USD = ~$60AUD which is what I'd be paying off ebay anyway.
Dont buy that trem, NO ONE.
I was recently building 2 parts guitars, and i bought 2 FRs off ebay, i got one for like $10 and the other one $30. It was not worth it. I was such a noob then, i never should have done it, they dont stay in tune, the $10 one keeps snapping my strings cause the saddles have worn down (after about 2 months) and theres jagged bits everywhere and i got no files or fine sandpaper to fix them. Enough of my problems...

Don't buy a locking nut, buy locking tuners. With a locking nut when you clamp the locking pads on your strings go sharp which is what the fine tuners on floyds are for.

Paint the neck if you want, but it will be all sticky and hard to play cause your hands will get stuck. Paint the headstock though

With the pickguard, check these out: http://store.guitarfetish.com/sihustpi3bl.html then if you want to, drill holes for more pots

As for the pickups, get Guitar Fetish pickpups if you dont wanna spend allot. They have a great reputation for their pickups, plus in their clearence section they have hot overwound pickups
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Already bought some pickups, but I'll have a look for my next build.
Also, I'm probably getting a custom pick guard made up for me (my dad has a mate who owns a plastics company or is a higher up person and can do it for either real cheap or free).
I will probably just end up doing the headstock and leaving the neck natural, just to be different etc.
Should have looked in the readsersmart. You can get a no name guitar and amp for $100.
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Big update! [Finally]

1, 2, skip a few steps, and we're here!

Some of the tape came up a little at the edges.. But I guess that can't be helped now. Also, the foam I was resting it on while the back was drying must of had a little paint on it, because there's a little patch just under the bridge where there is specs over the yellow :\

Just waiting on pick guard to be made so I can put electronics etc together.
I have my pickups and locking nut, and will be routing out neck to fit new nut this weekend hopefully. All up this guitar has cost ~ $200AUD, and didn't actually turn out that bad of a guitar. (Despite the dead notes which can be fixed by adjusting action, truss rod and new strings - the ones on there are like 9999999 years old by the looks of them).

EDIT: Almost forgot, the last 4 frets are scalloped, and the previous 3 are semi scalloped. It may look like a dodge scalloping job (and it is,) but it's actually really comfortable, and more playable then the rest of the neck.

Will update when pick guard and locking nut are done!
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