Last Christmas i got a Line 6 Floor POD Guitar Multi Effects Pedal and the effects on it are great! but i cant find a real good heavy distortion on it the "Insane" setting doesnt sound good at all and the "treadplate" setting doesnt seem very heavy, so i was wondering if i should keep the floor pod with my MT-2 Metal Zone or should i take it back for a different pod? If so which one?

Thanks for the help i'm still new to all of this.
i got a floor pod plus, and it it's got MUCH more effects, in the start I also jused insane but i stopped doing that now, if you choose treadplate og insane, it's about finding the perfect spot between the gate, compressor and drive, (don't if some of thoose buttons, only are on the plus...?) or else I take the Line6 drive, and put a lot of drive, and maybe som compressor

Its simply about tweaking the buttons right...
Yeah it gate,compressor and drive but i have a real hard time setting it up cause i can never tell what im messing with cause it sounds the same.
personally, i like the line 6 insane setting, it just takes some tweaking. i've only used a floor pod a couple of times while playing at my church, and it has kinda difficult to find a higher gain setting, but i have found one before. just keep messing with it
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- compressor is the "senstevity" the advantage is that it's easy'er to hammer-on and tab

-Drive is how much the distortion there is in the distortion, crank it up you get A LOT of distortion, and also a little effekt as the compressor

- gate is the opposit as compressor, it used to eleminate baground noise, but if you turn to much you get a flat, dark sound that is impossible to do hammer-ons with
good luck!
Thanks do you know of any heavy settings? Also do i have to hold the save button down as im turning the nobs or just press and hold it once then do it?
if you want, the floor pod plus beats that thing times a thousand.
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just ditch the metal zone first of all. and for the settings, try using one of the "high gain" models, and DONT dime your gain. also, read the manual. learn to make presetes and stuff

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