I have a (lovely) strat... Currently the mains hum from its single coils are simply unacceptable for recording

My choices are:-

realtime noise filters.. Not too sure i think they give an unnatural sound

post-recording 50HZ cycle filter software.. Have no idea if these even exist

Noiseless pickups.. I have bought one already, and it looks like a single coil so its not a humbucker type arrangement (i think).. But i was told by the store guy that they will kill the natural fire of a strat, and make it sound dead... Now i dont want to go through all the hassle of installing one then realising it sucks

any tips? ANy experience?
Try GFS noiseless pickups. If there anything like their other pickups, they should be great.
Lace sensors are IMO the best noiseless pickups that still sound like single coils.


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