Im looking for a few songs with some nice jazzy basslines (think Sean Malone in Gordian Knot)

The only band that I really know of with the sound im looking for is Gordian Knot, and there are no tabs of that anywhere really. Id tab them myself but they are quite complicated.

Any suggestions?
well you could look up some Herbie Hancock stuff. those are some bad ass bass lines
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Trio Blues by John Scofield has some cool basslines. You could also jsut check out some jazz standards and check out what the double-bass guy is doing hope that this helped you!
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Any specific songs?

watermelon man is quite good
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Check out Hancock's Cantelope Island. We play that in the jazz group I'm in and its quite fun on bass.
All Cherry Poppin' Daddies stuff is pretty cool to play. Especially from the album Zoot Suit Riot...