so do any of you know anything about these guitars? I am considering maybe looking into buying one. how are these guitars compared to epiphone? also are the 90s ones?

or any other company that made les paul copies that are good?
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
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greco very good copies, as are a lot of jap copies from that era.

what i feel is missed a lot of the time though is that the jap companies weren't great builders at first, then they did it more and more and became good. so now they have a reputation for being good.

By the same standard though, the korean and chinese companies have been doing what they do for quite a few years now and theyre starting to get good as well, so if you can find a slightly higher end chinese/ korean model that isn't on crap hardware due to its low cost, then everything else is usualy quite good on them

i would advise looking into the vintage v100 icon (the icons are better than the standard imo, even though spec sheets state them as being the same)

but if your after a jap copy like the greco then you've also got burny, edwards (essentially esp) tokai, and fernandes. farida also make a guitar similar to the les paul but slightly different, and i think it doesn't have the carved top - but that is a great looking guitar, and really good for the money too.
ok thanks, Ill look into all of those. do you know anything about mavis?
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
had a look at them - theres not much on the internet about them, so id imagine there an old company who went bust. i couldn't tell you the quality of them or anything, but from the picture i saw they just looked like a low end sort of copy company like jacksville or something.

i wont saw that im definately right tho - ive never played one.